Episode 039

BATB039: Functional Weight Training with Tom Stroup

Tom has created, developed and put into the market place an amazing item! This Product is something that all gym goers can handle, and keep as an amazing tool in their gym.

It’s tough to make it to the gym each and every day, and if a person cannot make it to the gym the PWR Training Bag is an amazing tool. Tom took many years to develop the right material, process to get the material for the bag and all other items that go into selling this great piece of equipment.

Training at the fire station, or any other first responder position can be hard, which is why Tom made this product for the market place! Check out the episode with Tom to see how this was created!

Click the link to see our sponsor www.indentifiresafety.com

Check out Tom and the PWR Training Bag:

Website: www.pwrtraining.com

Instagram: pwr training 

YouTube: pwr training 

Facebook: pwr training 

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