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Business and The Badge was started by two friends combining two passions: helping others and entrepreneurship. By connecting an aspiring entrepreneur with the same day job as someone else who is successful in business, Peter and Jared knew they can inspire and help those who want to add value to people’s lives while saving others.

Peter and Jared work for a large fire department in Southern California. As young Firefighter/Paramedic partners, they worked hard to add value to their community by helping those in need. Between calls, they dreamt of starting a business on the side that would add value to those outside of their community. Fast-forward 10 years there are promotions, marriages, children, college degrees, triumph, tragedy, successes and failures, but the two passions for wearing the badge and business remain.

If you are like us, you love your day job. Helping others while wearing the badge is one of the most rewarding careers someone can ever have. If you are like us, you also aspire for more. Providing value as an entrepreneur inspires and motivates you like no other, yet sometimes can seem out of reach. However, there are thousands of people just like us who have done it! Businessmen and women that have built something they love while doing the job they love! It is possible, and we aim to bridge that gap. We want to connect the aspiring to the accomplished, share ideas and stories, and motivate and help.

So come on in and enjoy yourself, and feel free to reach out to us!

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Hello Everyone!

I am Peter McKernan, a full time fire engineer for a  Southern California fire department. I have been living in California for my whole life and eventually made my way down to Orange County, California where he reside today. I have built a career in the fire service for the past eight years and in that time I have continually become more intrigued with business. While working full time as a firefighter I have been able to build a brand in the business arena since the curiosity about business became stronger during the years working as a firefighter. Now, I have brought the two worlds together in one place on the Business and The Badge Podcast. Along with my good friend and business brother Jared Newcomer, we will lay the groundwork for others to listen, learn and build their next business. I am extremely excited to spend the time with you all and Jared to give an added edge to those people that love to dream big!

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Hey everyone!

Well let’s see, where should I start? I guess I’ll start with the day job. I am a Captain/Paramedic with a fire department in Southern California. For the past 13 years I can honestly say that I have been lucky enough to serve the community I grew up in and love my job almost every day. Of course there is always a catch, and the catch in my story is the entrepreneurial passion, fire, drive, whatever you want to call it that has never gone away. In fact, it has only grown stronger! I’ve been a dreamer all my life, and while I consider myself EXTREMELY LUCKY to have a wonderful job, I continue to want more for my family and myself. That is why I am so excited about Business and The Badge. A place where like-minded public servants who have the same passion for business can come and learn from those who have done it. That is exactly what my friend and business brother, Peter, and I aim to accomplish. I know we’re inspired and I hope you will be too!

I look forward to working all of the other dreamers out there who wear a badge every day to support there families. Feel free to reach out to me anytime! If I’m not here working to make Business and The Badge the best Podcast and business it can be, I’m probably running a call on Big Red, mt. biking, or hanging out with my beautiful wife, Kelly, and our wonderful daughter, Aubrey.

Take care and let’s build something great together!


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