BATB034: Helping Communities On and Off Duty with Brent from MBIntel

By February 1, 2018Uncategorized

Brent first started out in a joint venture with two other first responders, it was a great partnership; however, the business did not pan out. The partnership ending on great terms, then Brent went to work on a great new company! 


MBIntel started, and has been running successfully for over a year. He started this company in the pursuit of his passion, and now has gotten a lot of traction during the journey. Brent is no stranger to failure during his journey, and this is what makes Brent and his company MBIntel a force of fury. 


As the company builds up Brent plans to expand and increase the service areas he provides. It’s not every day a company like Brent’s company comes around, it’s a niche market and the success for Brent is already showing. 

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